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Tents located at the perfect viewpoints offers you breathtakingly beautiful views of Munnar. Overnight stay gifts you ‘close to nature’ moments and make your journey a dream come true experience. Tents are fully facilitated with all aspects modern luxuries and safety measures.


You can trek to the highest point and camp there. Watch the sun play hide-and-seek, painting the sky orange, and finally hide behind the lush mountains. After that, wait for the sky to sprout little specks of silver stars. If turning poet and penning down the amazing view isn’t for one, you can still take in the scenery and be one with nature.


There are peaks to scale and plains to explore, some not accessible on foot. A jeep safari is a safe bet to drive among plantations stretched across acres, the sparkling falls with their thunderous roar, or just the highlands to enjoy the striking view from above.


There is something about the dusk that sets into motion some of the most amazing aspects of the wild. As the cicadas start their night melody, the animals come out of their nightly covers. Nothing compares to the thrill of coming face to face with the wild in the moonlight. All’s well as long as Lady Luck resides by your side.